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Welcome to the Heart of Our Operation – Meet Our Dedicated Team!

Mr. Ramesh Raniwala

Chairman and Co-founderMr. Ramesh Raniwala, a visionary leader and co-founder of Pashan India Impex, has been instrumental in shaping the company's path to success. With a wealth of experience in the natural stone industry, his guidance and leadership have been vital in driving the company forward.

Mr. Manoj Raniwala

Director of Exports and Sales

Mr. Manoj Raniwala, the driving force behind our global presence, takes care of export documentation and sales. His extensive knowledge of international markets and meticulous attention to detail ensure that our products reach customers worldwide with the utmost precision and efficiency.

Mr. Sunil Jain

Director of Procurement and President of Indian Natural Stone Association, Bijoliya

Mr. Sunil Jain, our procurement expert and President of the Indian Natural Stone Association in Bijoliya, plays a pivotal role in sourcing the finest natural stones. His industry insights and dedication to quality sourcing are invaluable in ensuring the excellence of our products.

Mr. Sanjay Jain

Director of Crate Fabrication Unit

Mr. Sanjay Jain, at the helm of our crate fabrication unit, ensures that our products are not only exquisite but also well-protected during transportation. His attention to detail and craftsmanship in crate fabrication guarantee the safe arrival of our natural stone products to their destinations.

Mr. Naveen Jain

Director of Production

Mr. Naveen Jain, as the Director of Production, oversees the heart of our operations. His expertise in production processes and commitment to efficiency ensures that we meet the highest standards while delivering on our promises to customers.

These five directors, each with their unique expertise and dedication, form the backbone of Pashan India Impex. Their collective vision and commitment to excellence drive us forward on our journey to provide the finest natural stone products to our valued customers worldwide.

Ms. Diksha Jain

Head of Sales and Business Development

Mr. Vipul Jain


Mr. Dhruv Raniwala

Head of Marketing

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