Basalt Stones

Basalt stones are dense, durable volcanic rocks known for their dark color and uniform texture, widely used in construction, landscaping, and decorative applications for their strength and aesthetic appeal.

Shot Blasted Basalt

Shot blasted basalt has a rugged, non-slip surface created by blasting the stone with high-pressure steel shots, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.

Honed Basalt

Honed basalt offers a smooth, matte finish that highlights the stone's natural color and veining, suitable for indoor flooring and wall cladding.

Flamed Basalt

Flamed basalt undergoes a high-temperature treatment to create a rough, textured surface, enhancing its slip resistance and durability, perfect for outdoor and commercial use.

Basalt Quarries

Basalt quarries in Rajasthan are known for extracting high-quality basalt, a dense and durable volcanic rock. This basalt is prized for its uniform texture and dark color, making it ideal for construction, paving, and decorative purposes, both in domestic and international markets.

Basalt Quarries

Basalt quarries significantly contribute to the local economy by providing raw materials for construction and landscaping projects. They support local employment and businesses, while also boosting India's natural stone export industry, making Rajasthan a key player in the global stone market.

Basalt Quarries

The basalt extracted from these quarries undergoes various finishing processes, including flamed, honed, and shot blasted, to meet diverse architectural and design needs. These finishes enhance the stone's aesthetic appeal and functional properties, such as slip resistance and durability.

Pier Caps - Flamed and Rockfaced Basalt

Combining flamed surfaces with rock-faced edges, these pier caps provide a sturdy, attractive finish for columns and gateposts.

Basalt Cobbles

Basalt cobbles are small stones with a naturally rugged texture, perfect for driveways, pathways, and landscaping projects.

Flamed & Brushed Basalt

Flamed and brushed basalt features a textured surface with a subtle sheen, achieved by heating the stone and then brushing it, ideal for slip-resistant outdoor applications and contemporary designs.

General Specifications & Description


Natural, Thermal, Sandblast, Shotblast, Honed, Leather, Mirror, River.


15 to 25mm or 25 to 35 mm Calibrated to specific thickness i.e. 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50 mm and other.


30 x 30 cms
28 x 28 cms
30 x 60 cms
56 x 28 cms
60 x 45 cms
56 x 42 cms
60 x 60 cms
56 x 56 cms
60 x 75 cms
56 x 70 cms
60 x 90 cms
56 x 84 cms
60 x 120 cms
56 x 112 cms & Random Slabs


Hand cut, Machine cut, Tumbled, Bullnose, Rockface, Eased edges & Others.
Packing in Wooden Crates: Mixed size pack ( Patio Pack) or Single Size Pack.

Packing in Wooden Crates

Mixed Size Pack (Patio Pack) Or Single Size Pack

  • We can make other sizes, than those given above, of stones as per your requirements.

  • The photos/images of the stones shown above are only indicative of their general characteristics of colors, markings, patterns etc. These colors, markings, patterns etc. may differ from the actual corresponding stone as these are natural products and are subject to natural variations.